Idea and concept: Linn Sandegård.
Developed by: Glenn Ziquer Xavier.
Performed by: Linn Sandegård.
Directing, Animation, Sound and Editing: Glenn Ziquer Xavier.

I asked the model to create different facial expressions connected to feelings. Later I animated his face, on top of his original face, to create ambivalent expressions, in contrast to his eyes, mouth and body.

Room4.1- By Kristjan Ingimarsson. 
In Room4.1, I didn't only participate as an actor. I was also working with video editing, 2D and 3D Animation.

CCTV made for Kristjan Ingimarsson- ROOM4.1 from Ziquer's Membrāna on Vimeo.

Self promo video. Animation and sounds, made by
Glenn Ziquer Xavier.

Glenn Kong from Ziquer's Membrāna on Vimeo.

Is going to be a variety of art projects, with a short graphic animation film by Glenn Ziquer Xavier- Ziquer's Membrāna

TÄNDER- Teeth.

A short stopmotion with a swedish text.
Stopmotion, object, sound, voice and text- Glenn Ziquer Xavier

No Match For Me.

My very first stopmotion assaignment. I spend a hole day, drawing on a kitchen table and moving matches arround.

No Match For Me from Ziquer's Membrāna on Vimeo.