︎︎︎Corpos- "Grimme Mennesker"

Corpos –“Ugly People” – a multisensory experience/performance. Corpos is a physiological solo performance by Serafín Ziquer Xavier. Corpos –“Ugly People”is an outdoor art performance that will use the city's space as part of the scenography. The show is suitable for ages 13 and up. The performance will take place in the late summer and autumn of 2023. Exact dates and more info will be provided soon.
The harbor park at Islands Brygge.
(Islands Brygge 22, 2300 København.)

Continues to:
Christians Brygge by the Black Diamond Østerfælled Torv on- Østerbro Blågårds Plads- Nørrebro Sønder Boulevard by Absalon's Church in Vesterbro.

Social media has become an integral part of life for many teenagers, especially those in high school. In particular, it can be difficult for teens to navigate the wide range of online images and expectations that come with being part of this digital age. It is not uncommon for teens to feel inadequate or ugly when they look at social media posts featuring models, celebrities, and other people with seemingly perfect lives.
The best way to combat these negative feelings is to focus on one’s own worth and to remember that most of the images seen on social media are crafted and edited to appear perfect. An even better solution is to limit the time spent scrolling through social media, realizing that it is a false representation of reality. Instead, teens should focus on activities that bring them joy and make them feel good about themselves, such as spending time with friends, playing sports, or engaging in hobbies. Learning to appreciate one’s own unique beauty can also help teens to ignore the unrealistic images of others.
Overall, teens should be aware of the potential for negative feelings that can come from social media. By limiting their exposure to these images and appreciating their own worth, teens will be able to better control how they feel.

Produced for the Swedish Cirkus Cirkör as a visual standup comedy act. This act was later performed all over Europe at different venues such as Carlton Hotel in Cannes France.

Demo(n)cray & 6r0k3n n0t fix3d, Idea and concept: Serafín Ziquer Xavier.  
Artists: Lars Ingar Lundin, Didier Oberlé & Serafín Ziquer Xavier.