We will delve into the world of 19th-century mime and corporeal mime, exploring the power of the body, movement, and the elements to create interresting characters. The primary objective is not to transform participants into mimes, but rather to equip them with these expressive tools to enhance their creative process. To achieve this, we will engage in traditional exercises and studies while embracing the idea of innovation. While seeking novelty is important, sometimes artists become overly fixated on creating something completely new and unique, neglecting the essence of delivering a remarkable performance. In this workshop, we will strike a balance between exploring innovative ideas and focusing on the quality of the performance itself. Expanding beyond the realm of stage art, this workshop aims to incorporate various artistic aspects. Participants will explore concepts such as the line of action, which guides the movement and intention of a character, and the art of composing a frame, where the stage serves as a visual canvas. By integrating these different ideas, artists and actors can unleash their full potential and create truly impactful performances. Through a combination of practical exercises, theoretical knowledge, and interdisciplinary exploration, this workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of mime and corporeal mime techniques. It will empower them to utilize these tools effectively, broaden their artistic horizons, and enhance their overall creative abilities.