I.D.A Project is an ambitious artistic Psychological Horror Thriller aimed at educating children on the dangers of online sexual exploitation. In a world where social media and the internet are a big part of daily life, children are at risk of being targeted by online predators. Through this project, we aim to raise awareness and educate children on how to protect themselves from these predators.
The story revolves around a young girl who becomes a victim of sexual exploitation. As the story unfolds, the audience is taken on a gripping journey that highlights the dangers of predators and the importance of being vigilant and aware of the risks.
Through different forms of media, such as short films, animations, and interactive games, we aim to capture the attention of both children and parents so that we can deliver a powerful message in an engaging and inspiring way. The project will be available for free online, and we hope to reach as big audience as possible to help them stay safe and protected in the online world. The story will be mixed with surrealism, fiction and realism. But also touch other social problems and topics. The project will be crowd founded, but also apply for different founding. A homepage is being developed with more information.